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Celebrating the launch of our new Melbourne office, Point Polaris was joined by the staff, clients and industry professionals that have made our continued success possible.

In attendance were Liberal Opposition Leader, Matthew Guy, and David Davis, Shadow Minister for Planning, Local Government & Equality Member for Southern Metropolitan Region.

Guy led the formal proceedings by praising the work of Point Polaris and the “cradle to grave business” we have created.

In his address, the former Planning Minister spoke of the relationship between government and development, the critical role companies like Point Polaris play in this dynamic and the need for inter-sector collaboration.

“The importance of the planning portfolio in government on businesses like Point Polaris, that service the development sector from permit right through to construction, is significant,” said Guy.

This sentiment was echoed by our Managing Director, Andrew Hogan, who went on to talk to the very real responsibility developers and investors have on shaping our cities.

“We have an opportunity to help these parties steer a better course, to positively influence development outcomes at every level,” said Andrew

“Think of your investments as yachts; you are at the helm, you are the captain and we at Point Polaris are your navigator.”

“Point Polaris secure financial success by expertly navigating our client’s investments through ever changing property and construction markets.”

Telling the tale of Point Polaris, Andrew shared the family inspirations and governing principals that continue to guide the evolution of what is now an industry leading client focused organisation.