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Western Gardenia is a land development by the Fountainstone Group in Tarneit north, situated on Kenning Road.

The total site is 40,000m2, divided in two stages, stage1 includes 45 lots and 2 super lots, stage 2 includes the remaining 32 lots.

The project includes all infrastructure connections, external and internal, including house connections, roads and landscape.

Stage 1 also includes a dedicated Small Lot Housing area, totaling 8 smaller lots. One super lot is earmarked for a childcare facility.

Developed by Fountainstone Group
  • Project Management
Asset Class:
  • Greenfield Residential
Project Size:
  • Stage 1 of a mixed use land development 40,584sqm land comprising 71 residential lots, a childcare centre (1830 sqm) and a super lot (1861 sqm).
Added Value:
  • Delivering stage 1 and 2 in a multistage land development with a single contractor.
Project Status:
  • Construction Commenced